About Virtual Learning


As the world continues to step forward in the fight against COVID-19, we at Mahanaim has opted to hold hands with all our stakeholders to ensure safety among our staff, parents/guardians, volunteers and the overall community.

We continue to thank all our stakeholders who in one spirit came together and opted to walk with us in this journey.

As announced by the government, we went forth to close our schools for a period of 1 month. We, -upon realising the trends of the pandemic, and after learning that the pandemic may stay a little longer with us-, later decided to continue with our learning. However, due to to the infectious nature of the virus coupled with the directive of the government, we opted to start a learner based Virtual learning.

We began our Remote Teaching and Learning (RTL) a month later, with the process and readiness of the institution getting an overall positive feedback from our staff, parents, guardians and our students.

Due to this, understanding that there are a dozen of hardships that has been brought by the outbreak of COVID-19, the Board of Directors and Senior Management of Mahanaim International High School has opted to support our parents with a fee reduction (of up to 70%) and a favourable payment conditions (Can be paid monthly).

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guided by the spirit of doing well and offering the best to our clients, we have developed further improvements and are proud to state that we have the best state-of-art platform for RTL. 

This can be attributed to the ever positive feedback obtained from all the stakeholders. 

We thank you for that.