Chairman's Message


 A person was traveling through the desert with a camel. When he reached a place, the sun set down and he pitched the tent for a rest. At midnight, he was awakened by the camel from his deep sleep. He was so surprised. "Master, may I put only my head into the tent. It is too cold outside." He allowed it. After a while, he was awakened again. "Please let my paws in." He said yes. He was again awakened. "Please let my hind legs in." He said OK.

Even though the tent was too small and uncomfortable for them, he decided to sleep with the camel inside the tent. The camel again said. "Master, this tent is too small for both of us. Would you go out?" Can you imagine what would happen next? The camel was beaten almost to death.

This story shows us that there is no end for the desire of flesh. Whoever follows his fleshly desire, he can not but be miserable. Everyone wants to live a blessed and meaningful life. But it is not done naturally, even though you desire it. We can not stop arising of the fleshly desire as long as we put on the flesh. It is natural. Then, is it OK for us to yield to the desire? It is not like that. We should overcome it, because we will drift away the unwanted life as long as we are dragged by the fleshly desire. The problem is that we are too weak to overcome it by ourselves. If we don't have the power in us, we have to get the power from outside. As the petrol is not produced in Korea, we have to buy oil from other countries.

“ Getting God's wisdom and power, we can overcome our desire and difficult circumstances to be the beautiful people. ”

Today we get much information from the satellites. But those who only rely on their own sense are totally different from those who get information from the satellites. The former can not but live by their own judgment. Who can live the wise life? It is very important to get the wisdom and the power from outside. Those who are bound by their own world can never live the blessed and wise life. But we have to open our heart and get the power from outside. The best way is to open our heart toward the creator. God tells us through the Bible. And through the Bible, we can learn the heart of God precisely. When we learn God's heart and are united with Him from the school where God's heart is flowing, we can be the prominent leaders. Getting God's wisdom and power, we can overcome our desire and difficult circumstances to be the beautiful people.