MIHS Timeline

  • 2016 July

    1st class of A Level completed student graduates expected to enter college.

  • 2015 July

    First class of students to graduate.

  • 2014 July

    ECambridge GCE A2 Level offered.

  • 2014 June

    3rd group of IGCSE Exam takers include 26students. 1stgroup of GCE AS Level Exam takers include 4 students

  • 2013 October

    Second groupof IGCSE Exam takers include 16 students (Students’ grades averaged out to a B). Cambridge GCE AS Level offered.

  • 2012 November

    Registered with Cambridge International ExaminationCentre.

  • 2012 October

    IGCSE exam candidates include its first group of 11 students (Students’ grades averaged out to a B).

  • Certified by Kenya Ministry of Education.

    School opened. Cambridge IGCSE courses offered (Year 9-11).

    February, 2011