Mahanaim International High School provides a school system from under the British Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), and among their academic programs are Cambridge lower Secondary, Cambridge IGCSE, and Cambridge GCE AS/A Level, using their textbooks.


  • Certified by the Kenya Ministry of Education
  • Cambridge International Examination Centre (CIE)Registered
  • All language courses taught by native language teachers
  • Small-size classes
  • Classes provided according to placement levels, including supplementary, advanced & individual classes ESL classes are provided for non-English-speaking students.

System of Education

Cambridge International Examination

  • Internationally recognized education and evaluation system
  • Prestigious level of education from a broad history of more than 150 years
  • Offers its education to millions of students each year from more than 160 countries
  • As the system of each Cambridge education provider is maintained under Cambridge University, all its academic courses, lesson plans, exam composition and such are guaranteed a mutual quality of education.

Cambridge International Examination

  • Diverse Choices: According to each students’ needs or level, students are able to select their courses.
  • Globally competitive
  • Graduation secures broad career paths and /or college entries


  • MIHS’ courses of education are segmented in the first two years of Cambridge Lower Secondary(Year 7-8), three years Cambridge IGCSE (Year 9-11), and two years of GCE AS/A Level (Year 12-13), for a total of seven years.
  • Continuation options include: A) Standard college entry after the 3-year education of Cambridge IGCSE or B) Entry into prominent universities upon completion of GCE A Level
3-YearCourse (Year 9-11)
  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Grade-skipping or repeating allowed
  • Required to complete 7 subjects, including English, Math and Science
  • College entry requires a minimum of five subjects passed with grades of C or higher

Options After Certification
  • Qualified for Cambridge GCE AS education
  • Qualified to enroll in foundation college courses in the UK or Australia
  • Able to enroll in community colleges in USA
  • Enrollment accepted in a number of colleges as followed:

Besides the UK, enrollment is qualified in at least 383 colleges/universities in 54 countries (according to CIE Recognition Org.).
  • 119 colleges/universities in USA
  • 46 colleges/universities in Canada
  • 15 colleges/universities in Australia & New Zealand
possibilities show 180 more countries provide college entry
GCE AS/A Level
  • General Certificate of Education Advanced Level
  • Qualifies high school graduation & college entrance
  • Required to complete at least 3-4subjects
  • 1st years take AS Level Examination; afterwards, 2nd year students take A2 Level Exam
  • College entry requires at least out of 3 subjects passed with grades of C or higher

Options After Certification
  • Acknowledged by prestigious colleges/universities all over the world
  • Secured preference by colleges/universities in the British Commonwealth of Nations
  • College or advancement credit(s) will be awarded for better grades.
Enrollment is qualified in about 170 colleges/ universities in the UK, and at least 903
colleges/universities in 60 countries worldwide (according to CIE Recognition Org.).
  • 347 colleges/universities in USA
  • 49 colleges/universities in Canada
  • 54 colleges/universities Australia & New Zealand
possibilities show 177more countries provide college entry
Cambridge Lower Secondary(Year 7-8)
  • Wide range of subjects which including English, Maths, Science, ICT, and Global Perspectives
  • Grade-skipping or repeating allowed
  • Upon conclusion enroll for IGCSE

Cambridge IGCSE O Level (14 subjects)

English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Sociology, Business Studies, History, Computer, ICT, French, Chinese, Swahili.

Cambridge GCE AS/A Level (11 subjects)

English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Marine Science, History, Computer, ICT, Chinese,

Cambridge Lower Secondary (10 subjects)

English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Global Perspective, ICT, French, Chinese, Swahili.