Philosophy and Objectives of the School



MIHS aims at:

  • Providing a safe, supportive, caring learner-centered environment in which everyone feels valued.    
  • Developing, inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young adults who have clear intercultural and international understanding and respect.
  • Build motivation and self-esteem by helping young persons of diverse abilities, to experience positive reinforcement and some success in some aspects of school life.
  • Maximize the academic, creative and physical potential of every student while raising awareness of global and environmental issues.
  • Value and promote ethical, responsible behavior and consider equal opportunity to be a fundamental right regardless of race, gender, culture, or belief.
  • Provides opportunities for career growth and professional development to all members of staff.
  • Provide a wide variety of co-curricular and sporting activities to challenge and widen the experience of learners and to enhance mutual respect and self-esteem amongst stakeholders.
  • Offer a diverse range of academic and vocational courses to ensure that young people regardless of their previous academic background can excel.
  • Prepare students for all post sixth forms of education by equipping them with the requisite knowledge and skills and facilitating their placement in tertiary institutions.
  • Create a culture whereby stakeholders feel proud to be part of the Mahanaim community and maintain contact and relationships throughout their lives.
  • Aid students to gain access to further education in universities and colleges worldwide.


  • Be polite and considerate to everyone.
  • Correctly wear prescribed uniforms.
  • Respect the teacher’s classroom rules.
  • Strive to maximize academic achievement.
  • Act in a socially accepted and responsible manner.
  • Respect the environment, school property, and the possession of others.