Student Rules Of Conduct


All students are expected to observe the following concerning conduct during the school day. To be signed by the prospective student.

1. School work

You are in school to work; you should thus behave in a professional manner and conduct and dress yourself appropriately. You must complete your homework on time.

2. Uniform and Appearance

  • Shirts MUST be tucked in and only discreet jewelry may be won. Makeup is not allowed.
  • Male students should be clean- shaven. Hair style should be smart and tidy, with no artificial colouring.
  • Students not correctly dressed may be sent home.

3. Promptness and Punctuality

Ensure you are where you need to be and arrive in good time, properly equipped.

4. Locker Routine / Security

your books, bags etc. should be kept in your locker. Do not leave valuables in your locker overnight or weekends as the school cannot be held responsible for any losses.

5. Absence

If for reason you are absent from school (or need to leave school during the day), please telephone the office on the first day of your absence. you must bring a letter of explanation from your parents or guardian to give to your form tutor on the FIRST DAY of your return. To request absence from school for all part of the day you must bring a letter from your parents or guardian to show to your tutor and teachers. This should be done on the day before the absence.

6. Late arrival

Signs the late arrival at the reception desk and notifies your form tutor as soon as possible after your arrival.

7. Food / Tuck Shops

Food can be only bought and consumed during break and lunch time. sodas should be consumed in the vicinity of the tuck shop. Do not take food in the classrooms unless authorized.

8. Litter / Graffiti /Chewing gum

please keep your school tidy. put all litter in the appropriate bins provided. Chewing gum is not allowed in school.

9. Mobile Phones /Electronic Music / Headphones

These may be brought into school but are the responsibility of the student. They should not be expensive models and should not be seen or heard during lessons. Mobile phones should be handed to the school office. They may be signed out to call parents, and must then be returned for safe keeping.

10. Visitors

You are not allowed to entertain anyone who is not a Mahanaim student without prior permission of the head teacher.

11. Smoking / Alcohol

Students are strictly forbidden from using any illegal drugs.

12. Appropriate behavior

Students should treat every member of the school community with respect and consideration. Appropriate language is expected at all times. any type of bullying behavior must be reported to a responsible adult figure to ensure that its continuance will not be tolerated.